An ancient shipwreck from the classical period was learned through a maritime survey for the Crete-Peloponnese subsea interconnection by the Independent Ability Transmission Operator (IPTO) in Cythera.

In accordance to the preliminary effects of the investigate carried out by the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities and the Hellenic Center for Marine Study (HCMR), the shipwreck, which was situated at a depth of 222 meters, dates from the conclusion of the 5th to the mid-4th century B.C – building it around 2500 a long time aged.

Amphoras originating from Corfu, Skopelos and Chios were determined on the cargo deck of the sunken ship, a simple fact that implies made professional action in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea at that time. 3-dimensional imaging of the shipwreck is in progress and, after finished, is expected to give an even clearer view of the dimensions of the vessel and the quantity of its cargo.

In purchase for the treasures of this archaeological come across to be showcased and utilised in the finest attainable way, IPTO has reported that it will help initiatives for the retrieval and exhibition of the artifacts at the discretion of the proficient authorities.

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