Here are some of the coolest superyacht toys and craziest new on-water innovations that could be sailing past you this summer.

Aqua Race Kart

Where motorsport meets watersport, the Aqua Race Kart combines the look and feels of a traditional go-kart with the thrill of the watersport.

The Aqua Race Kart features gas pedal acceleration, a race-style bucket seat and a Formula 1 inspired steering wheel.

Prices from $15,950.

Nemo Submarine

The Nemo series are the lightest submarines built to date, says the company. They have a single lifting point and can easily be placed on a flat surface without the need for a cradle or davit. The Nemo series submersibles have such a compact design that they require less storage space than two jet-skis, according to the manufacturer.

According to Nemo, alongside a qualified Nemo pilot, anyone can take supervised control of the Nemo 2 with the manta controller.

The Nemo 1 weighs only 2,000kg, which it says makes it the lightest manned submersible ever conceived.

With its low-profile lines, the submarine stands 1.44 metres above the deck. The Nemo 2 is the two-seat variant in the Nemo series, weighs 2,500kg and is only 1.55 metres high.

Prices start at €895.00.

Lampuga Jetboards

Lampuga jetboards are electrically driven surfboards with an emission-free jet drive. The modular design with an inflatable PVC-hull allows for easy transport and quick assembly.

The interchangeable battery allows for up to 45 minutes of use and a top speed of 45 km/h.


The Fliteboard eFoil is claimed to be the world’s most advanced electric foil board. It can reach distances over 19 miles and has a riding time of 1.5 hours.

Fly silently over the water, emission free, with a top speed of 26 knots.

The Fliteboard is powered by the highest grade lithium marine battery available. Prices start at €11,000.

Reverso Air

The Reverso sailboat is a folding, high performance dinghy.

Sailing dinghies usually take up a lot of space, but with a foldable, high-performance hull, the Reverso Air can fit easily inside a yacht garage, says the manufacturer.

The four-part hull allows the boat to be assembled and stored, without affecting the overall performance of the boat.

According to the manufacturer, the Reverso Air can be assembled in 180 seconds. Every one of the four sections is a closed element, waterproof and floating by itself. The whole assembly provides a self-bailing cockpit, with the floor always above the waterline, making Reverso stiff and safe.

The dinghy currently sails onboard M/Y Andiamo, M/Y Tatoosh, S/Y Kamana, M/Y Mariu.

Prices start from €9,600 inc VAT.


Marine Industry News covered this product earlier this year. The Mo-jet is the ‘world’s first’ modular electric-powered surf toy that can transform from jet surfer to jet bodyboard to e-foiler to scooter diver.

The Mo-jet has a top speed of 65 kilometers per hour and is highly manoeuvrable.

Prices start at €1,950.


The ROAM 35 was launched last year and is a high spec, go-anywhere, shadow boat and the ultimate superyacht toy carrier.

An out-and-out support vessel, the ROAM 35 has a 223m2 of deck area, complete with Palfinger hydraulic crane.

A consequence of a customer request for a toy carrier to accommodate a 50ft cigarette boat, the ROAM 35 offers Atlantic range, coupled with accommodation for six crew members.

A catamaran construction, the ROAM 35 has a shallow draft of just 1.7m, offering close beach access and additional cruising destinations not reachable by larger vessels. The vessel is capable of speeds up to 22 knots.

Each boat is semi-custom and built in Europe. More information can be found at Superyacht Tenders and Toys.

Nomad Scuba Diving System

Nomad is a battery-powered tankless diving system that floats on the surface like a buoy and delivers compressed air to the user through a 40 foot long hose. Battery run time is around 60 minutes and spare batteries can be swapped in for extra dive time with ease.

Seabob F5

The Seabob F5 weighs 29kg and has a propulsive force of 480 newtons. The E-Jet Power System in the Seabob F5 is controlled in four power levels.

Prices start at $9,980.00

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