Next the successful cooperation on VAT and customs, the primary European, British, and worldwide leisure maritime associations keep on to supply clarity on the new put up-Brexit trade associations.

The Global Council of Maritime Field Associations (ICOMIA), European Boating Industry (EBI), European Boating Affiliation (EBA), British Maritime (BM) and the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) have now issued clarification on certification specifications for second-hand boats in trade among the EU and Uk submit-Brexit.

In dialogue with the EU and Uk authorities, crucial thoughts had been raised, and clarification been given. The situations have been verified by BEIS and are comprehended to be accurate centered on steerage by the European Fee.

Below are the situations for second-hand boats that are protected by the EU’s Leisure Craft Directive and the UK’s Leisure Craft Rules. In situations exactly where recertification would be required, a Article-Development Evaluation (PCA) will have to be finished. This applies from the stop of the transition period (TP) on 1 January 2021.

Circumstance Condition in 2021 Scenario in 2022
Situation 1       
· Boat in GB at stop of TP       
·  CE-marked·       
·  Offered in GB·       
· Continues to be in GB
Would not need to be recertified Would not need to be recertified
Situation 2
·   Boat in GB at end of TP
·   CE-marked
·   Imported to EU27
Would need to
be recertified
Would need to
be recertified
Situation 3
·   Boat in EU27 at close of TP
·   CE-marked
·   Sold in EU27
·   Remains in EU27
Would not need to be recertified Would not need to be recertified
State of affairs 4
·   Boat in EU27 at end of TP
·   CE-marked
·   Imported to GB
Would not need to be recertified Would not need to be recertified
Circumstance 5
In GB bought to EU conclusion consumer, but:
·   First sale in EU-27 (not GB industry), (CE-marked, bought by EU citizen, registered, and utilized in EU)
·   Second sale to GB ahead of 1
January 2021
·   Subsequent sale back again to EU
Would not need to be recertified (but evidence required by countrywide authorities) Would not need to be recertified (but evidence expected by national authorities)

Even more clarifications are remaining sought from BEIS and the European Commission associated to trade with Northern Ireland.

“We are delighted to proceed the favourable cooperation on a further essential situation for sector and boaters,” says Philip Easthill, secretary standard of EBI. “We hope that even with the more boundaries for 2nd-hand boats, the clarification on VAT and now certification will facilitate trade as considerably as possible. Collectively with our partners, we will continue to perform on mitigating the impact of Brexit by way of our advocacy channels at EU degree.”

Lesley Robinson, CEO of British Marine, provides: “I am delighted that this collaborative method involving maritime industry associations and governments has proved productive in obtaining well timed responses for our associates. Even though the agreed direction permitted by the two BEIS and the EU Commission provides boat builders, brokers and shoppers the clarity and reassurance demanded to carry on with trade, they nonetheless encounter impacts in terms of both time and price when offering and purchasing 2nd-hand boats cross borders. On behalf of our users, British Maritime will now appear to function with Uk government  at the reduction or elimination of these new burdens.”

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