A BBC costume trailer, which was getting utilized for the upcoming BBC series The Outlaws, has fallen into Bristol Harbour.

The incident occurred on the early morning of 21 Oct when the HGV lorry grew to become partially submerged. The driver is claimed to have manufactured it out safely.

According to reports, the costumes on board the trailer have been valued at hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Phil Worgan was keeping on a boat close by when he listened to the crash. He advised the BBC: “I believed a person was about to leap or was in the drinking water, but when I looked, it was a truck.

“Apparently they have been striving to hook it up and it just rolled in.”


Firefighters secured the lorry applying winches, weighty rescue machines, fire appliances and a hefty rescue tender.

A gas truck arrived to remove all around 1,000 litres of diesel from the lorry so that it could be recovered from the drinking water.

Crews worked with a recovery firm to remove the automobile.

A spokesperson for The Outlaws issued a statement, declaring: “An accident happened involving one of our generation cars. No-1 was damage or in the car.”

Fire service temporary team supervisor Gareth Lloyd states: “On arrival, crews found a single HGV submerged in the drinking water, the driver had previously made it to basic safety. A cordon was put in place and nearby boats evacuated to ensure basic safety on the scene.

“The lorry is now safe and firefighters stay on scene to aid the restoration enterprise in eliminating the car or truck.”

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