A star of the Television show Jackass has been bitten by a shark when a wakeboarding stunt went wrong.

Jackass star Sean McInerney was filming for the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week when he unsuccessful to land a wakeboard jump in shark-infested waters.

In the footage McInerney, also acknowledged as Poopies, is demonstrated trying to jump a ramp on his wakeboard right before falling into the drinking water.

McInerney endured a chunk to his hand, leaving him with both of those artery and tendon destruction, News.com.au stories. McInerney adds: “I realized there was a chance I was going to get little bit by a shark, but I did not think it was going to happen. I really do not blame the sharks at all. I indicate, I was in their dwelling place, and it was dinnertime.”

Previously this month, MIN also reported on the parasailor who was caught up in one more shark assault.

Visuals and movie courtesy of Discovery Channel.

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