French artist Julien Berthier has made his most current piece L’invisble – an outlandish outboard-pushed vessel camouflaged as a rock.

The sensible rock is created with epoxy resin and has been positioned on best of a 2nd-hand boat. Blending in with its surroundings, L’invisible is difficult to distinguish from the real rock formations of the coast of the South of France.

This is not the artist’s initially foray into submersible and floating artwork. His 2007 set up Appreciate Appreciate drew related consideration reproduced a sinking boat and was equally challenging to pass up on the water.

Berthier suggests: “Like Like is the long term and mobile impression of a wrecked ship that has turn out to be a functional and safe and sound leisure item.”

The head-bending synthetic rock can be driven and moved – the artists suggests it “intrudes with modesty in the setting of the creeks of Marseille, imperceptibly modifying the encompassing landscape. The invisible navigates between the decor, the augmented fact, the item of pleasure, survivalist nervousness and ecological challenges.”

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