The Maritime Incident Investigation Department (MAIB) has introduced its report into the lethal accident of a fish farm employee involving the workboat Beinn Na Caillich.

On 18 February 2020, the Ardintoul fish farm assistant supervisor drowned right after falling from a feed barge access ladder through a boat transfer. He stepped from the deck on to the ladder when Beinn Na Caillich was however transferring ahead and was crushed involving the boat and the barge.

A fish farm technician on board the barge tried to quit the hurt assistant manager from falling in the h2o by keeping onto the back of his own flotation machine and oilskin jacket, but the seriously wounded casualty slipped out of them. Despite the assistant supervisor remaining recovered from the water and the established attempts of the fish farm employees, emergency solutions, and clinical personnel, he could not be resuscitated.

MAIB’s report includes a harrowing narrative of the incident.

‘The assistant manager requested Beinn Na Caillich’s skipper to consider him to the barge so that he could take in his lunch.

‘During the limited passage from cage 10 to the barge, the assistant supervisor joined Beinn Na Caillich’s skipper and Stolt Madah’s skipper on the bridge. The three adult men chatted but did not go over the transfer to the barge. The two workboat deckhands, unaware that the transfer was about to acquire spot, remained in the galley.

‘As Beinn Na Caillich approached the barge, the assistant manager left the bridge and went to the starboard facet of the deck and stood by the open forward bulwark gate. Beinn Na Caillich’s skipper engaged astern propulsion to sluggish the vessel as it approached the barge. His intention was to align the forward bulwark gate with the barge entry ladder and assure that the vessel was stationary just before instructing the assistant supervisor to stage across.

‘At about 15.10, with Beinn Na Caillich still shifting slowly but surely in advance, the assistant supervisor stepped by way of the open gate and on to the barge accessibility ladder. Stolt Madah’s skipper observed this from the back again of Beinn Na Caillich’s bridge and, realising the hazard, shouted out in shock. As he did so, Beinn Na Caillich’s bulwark gate submit caught the assistant supervisor and crushed him against the barge ladder’s fender construction.

‘With the assistant supervisor holding on to the rungs of the ladder and shouting out in agony, Beinn Na Caillich’s skipper manoeuvred the workboat distinct of the barge. Stolt Madah’s skipper ran down to the most important deck, where he was joined by the two deck crew from the galley, who experienced listened to the assistant manager’s shouts. The fish farm technician in the barge business also read shouting and hurried to the major of the ladder.

‘The technician observed the assistant supervisor hanging from the ladder and grabbed keep of the strap at the again of his lifejacket. The assistant manager advised the technician that he could not use or come to feel his legs. Soon immediately after, the assistant supervisor lost his grip on the ladder, slipped out of his lifejacket and oilskin coat, and fell 2.7m into the h2o. The technician was left holding the lifejacket and oilskin coat’.

MAIB’s investigation has concluded that the conduct of the boat transfer experienced not been appropriately planned or briefed and was not adequately supervised or managed.

MAIB states that the transfer of personnel by workboat had not been appropriately hazard assessed, and secure devices of do the job had not been place in position. The crew on board Beinn Na Caillich have been not thoroughly prepared to deal with the crisis problem. They experienced not performed regular guy-overboard restoration drills and ended up not acquainted with the vessel’s restoration tools. Also, the workboat and fish farm proprietor, Mowi (Scotland) Ltd, did not have an productive maritime security management system and lacked workers with the working experience to oversee its marine functions.

Next this, MAIB has designed tips to Mowi (Scotland) Ltd to use the expectations established out in the Workboat Code Version 2 to all its current workboats and, especially, to totally employ a protection administration program across its fleet, as very well as ensuring that it has acceptable marine expertise to oversee its maritime operations.

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