A US-based mostly YouTuber and ‘guitartist’ acknowledged as Burls Artwork has teamed up with ocean cleanup business 4Ocean to develop a custom electric powered guitar out of recycled ocean plastic such as discarded straws and bottle tops.

In the online video, which can be noticed beneath, the luthier starts by getting a diving excursion with 4Ocean in South Florida to accumulate plastic from the ocean.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=wKUrjssfiHw

Soon after the dive vacation, Burls Artwork returns to 4Ocean’s facility, exactly where the plastic is sorted into diverse varieties.

The artist selects significant-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene plastics, shaves them into smaller pieces and melts them down in an oven to make the basis of the guitar human body.

Right after a small trial and mistake, he crafts a neck and fretboard from discarded straws and bottle caps established in crystal clear epoxy resin.

“This was effortlessly the most tough build I’ve accomplished so far,” Burls Art says. “But, it was a exciting task where I bought to use different strategies I have not tried out yet, and over-all I feel it arrived out seeking really great.”

4Ocean is a for-profit business enterprise that has operates cleanup functions around the world. Viewers can hear to the guitar staying performed in this Instagram clip:

4Ocean employs whole-time captains and crew to crystal clear plastic from the ocean and sort it for recycling, and sells products and solutions this sort of as garments and jewelry to fund these clean-up operations. To date, the business says it has taken out 9 million kg of plastic from the ocean.

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